School Life


We have good infrastructure that enriches the learning experience of the ward. The serene and safe environment allow the kids to put their innovative skills and think creatively. We have all the facilities that make a child’s education complete. We truly believe that there are certain things that are to be learnt outside the classrooms, i.e. by taking part in recreational learning activities. We encourage them to learn things through play. This gives ample liberty and self-esteem for the students to learn things using these educational tools in an ecstatic way. Our infrastructure has spacious and well-ventilated classrooms, cutting-edge teaching methods, modern computer labs, well-equipped labs, library, vast playground, music room, arts room, and transport facilities that are well-connected to all the routes across the twin cities. Many children will reluctantly come to school and find various reasons to take off, but the facilities provided in our class will motivate students to attend the school.

We understand that pre-primary schools introduce the child to the world. We meticulously plan the pre-school facilities. However, here are the world-class facilities that are provided to both pre-primary and primary school students