Our curriculum activities include field trips, conduct inter-school competitions, poem writing, drawing, painting, making greeting cards, science exhibitions, debates, elocutions, and creative writing competitions.

Field Visits

Every child love to explore new places with their peers. Field trips reinvigorate students and teachers from the routine schedule. Educational and fun field trips are the pivotal part of Sahaja. We organize fun and field trips to boost the in-depth learning experience of the child every academic year. We had field tips to various places so far like museums, public gardens, forts, gorgeous parks, active farms, etc. that have stood as a valuable asset in the knowledge gaining process of a child. This platform allows kids to learn and improve their interpersonal skills by interacting with teachers, students and other people to expand their horizon. While there is no better way to learn things than observing and gaining hands-on experience.

The key objective of organizing field trips is to promote emotional, social and intellectual well-being of a child. This helps kids to learn new things beyond their classrooms and foster their innovative skills. It enables kids to develop their own style of learning and crave kids to learn more and more things besides improving their pace of learning.